Hi. This is a gripe but its not directed to the council ... rather to certain residents. The issue is recycling. We have such a good, easy to follow system of recycling in Australia. Great stuff. My concern is that I read somewhere that if a batch of recycling is 'spoiled' (eg a load of plastics contains a certain amount of non-plastics) then that batch is thrown out. I'm wondering if perhaps THE MAJORITY of waste put out in recycling bins is thrown out! Because many people on the whole simply don't follow the rules. Food scraps in Blue or yellow bins, plastic bags of mixed paper and plastics in either blue or yellow bins, cartons full of empty stubbies in either blue or yellow bins ... I mean fair go, how hard is it to empty a carton of stubbies into the yellow bin next to the blue one? Sorry for sounding petty here but can I get a response to the question 'What percentage of recycling does not make it to recycling because of human stupidity/ignorance/laziness?" If this is not an issue (ie they sort it all at the recycling depot) then please tell me and I'll stop bothering about it. But if it is an issue - ie lots of recycling goes straight into landfill - then perhaps we need a community awareness program. I mean maybe the recycling system is just a PR exercise to make people feel better but it all goes into land fill anyway?!?!
Interested in a reply to this one.


Waverley prides itself on the high quality of its recyclable material diverted from landfill. The process involved in ensuring this material is of good quality and easily usable for returning to the market place is complex and involves several steps.

Initially, Waverley collection staff inspect bins prior to them being emptied, this is a visual inspection done at the kerbside. If a lot of contamination is present the bin is rejected and the resident notified.

Once in the collection truck, the product is delivered under contract to a disposal facility where it is sorted into like products (ie glass, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium).

Any material not recyclable is detected in this sorting process and duly landfilled. A recent audit of all of Waverley's recycling product indicated that approximately 5% is not recyclable.

Unfortunately not all residents take recycling as serious as they should and Waverley is ever vigilant in detecting these residences and assisting them to recycle correctly.

As a Waverley resident you'll be excited to learn your 2010 Waste and Recycle calendar will be arriving in the mail shortly. The calendar provides residents with an easy to read reference for such things as collection days, what can be placed into each bin, alternative waste disposal sites and special recycling events such as our electronic waste collections.

Cr Sally Betts

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