Resident Parking Zone in Wansey Road Randwick not enforced

As a resident in Wansey Road Randwick, 2 blocks from NSW university and the hospitals I am fed up with the current inadequate and unfair parking arrangements.

One side of the street is unrestricted parking and all parking spaces are filled by 6.00a.m. every morning by NSW university students and construction workers who seem endlessly employed in building yet more high rise buildings on the UNSW campus.

The other side of the street is supposed 1 hour resident parking. What a joke!!! I and all ther other residents are forced to pay for a resident parking permits annually to park on this side of the street. The reality is that this side as well is constantly filled with student cars (most of them with disabled stickers!!!) all of whom park much longer than the 1 hour time allocation. The students do not only park in the resident parking all day they also park across and block the residents driveways on a regular basis. This continues late into the night long after the council rangers have all gone home.

Phone calls and complaints to council lead to them increasing their grossly inadequate monitoring of the parking zones for a couple of weeks and then the situation reverts back to the norm which is the rangers visiting the street on average twice a week and handing out a few tickets.

I know for a fact that two families have sold up and moved out of the street because the parking situation became too much. We have submitted pertitions to council in the past on this that have been ignored.

I fail to understand why as ratepayers we should be given such an inadequate service especially as we are in effect paying twice (through rates and parking permits) for a service we are not receiving.


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