Roadworks Knox Rd Doonside causing massive disruptions

Roadworks on Knox Rd Doonside cause major delays at Power Street roundabout. Traffic flowed OK over the Christmas break as there were 2 lanes entering roundabout heading north. Some time in January they reduced this to 1 lane entering roundabout. Obviously this is not sufficient. They came in one day and changed it over and then they left again. There has not been any work done since. It appears to be a deliberate act to disrupt traffic flow.
There are many motorists very unhappy about this situation as well as local residents who have to put up with cars trying to find a way around congestion. I hope they at the very least restore second lane into roundabout.


All it takes to fix the situation is to move a couple of concrete barriers. Not much considering how much it will ease traffic flow. Blacktown Council shows a total disregard for Motorists.

Rang Council regarding Knox Rd bottleneck. I was told he was going to talk to the Engineer responsible and get him to ring me. Of course I am still waiting for phone call.

I am wondering if someone can help me or point me in the right direction to whom i can take this further with.

My husband was in a car accident at the Power St/Knox Rd roundabout last night He turned to the left and saw no car. Next thing you know, as he drives on, he has hit a car on his left, but he could not see the car due to the concrete barriers that was obstructing his view. This happened at night. He is very shaken up and fortunately no one was hurt. I think the Council needs to take more responsibility and be liable for this accident. Yes, my husband was at fault. He has been driving for 14 years with no accident, but at this very unfortunate instance, we feel that someone from Blacktown Council needs to go out there and observe what a dangerous, unstable, and unsafe that roundabout is. Those concrete barriers are an obstruction. I believe they need to figure out a way to make that safer for motorists.

Finally there is 2 lanes into Power St roundabout heading north. Amazing no big long delays. It has taken 3 months of extensive delays for them to do this. I can't believe it has taken soooooo! long. Intersection is still not finished. Looks like they are putting in yet another set of lights. At least for the time being there is 2 lanes. Lets see how long it willl last.

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