Sewage overflow to footpath a "not urgent" matter

I am copying an email I sent yesterday to Randwick Council general manager. When I left home this morning there was still raw sewerage overflowing. yuk! and very unhealthy for the residents - including children. I don't expect a reply any time soon, going by what I have read here today.


Dear Mr Brownlee,

I am writing to seek your support to convince the NSW Department of Housing of the urgency to renew sewer lines that run from their property at 9 - 13 Mulwarree Avenue Randwick.

I spoke with the Housing maintenance hotline today, and was told that this was not an urgent problem, despite raw sewage being emitted onto the council’s footpath in Mulwarree Avenue.
This is a densely populated area, with TAFE, UNSW, Bus Depot and numerous multi-level apartment buildings. Children live in the block and in adjoining houses and units.
I feel strongly that sewage overflow IS an urgent heath issue that needs to be managed as an urgent issue – not just stop-gapped by the Department of Housing.

Joan (call centre supervisor at Housing maintenance) whom I spoke to today, said the lines overflowed in February. Now – just 2 months later, it is overflowing again, raw human waste overflowing to the footpath on Mulwarree Avenue. Surely it is time for some new pipes???

The Asset team of the Department of Housing needs to be made aware of the ongoing problem and make a firm decision to have the sewerage lines replaced to the street. This work was competed about 12 months ago on our own property and we have had no instances of overflow since.

Would you please address this problem with the Department of Housing at your earliest convenience?

Many thanks for your consideration.


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