Slipery when wet

Although I am pleased that the new car park in revesby has been completed and its great that there is more parking for comuters, Im starting to think the bad out weights the good. Not only is it constantly packed with kids on skateboards and scooters which rasies concern for comuiters cars and safty, one moring my mother was walking to work and a man was pleasureing himself inside at 7 o'clock in the morning.

As for the new foot path outside of the car park which they took there time completing, it is most certainly unsafe. I walk along it almost everyday to go do my shopping, as with many other residents, some elderly I might add. When it rains, the foot path become extremly slipery, So slipery that on several occasions I have infact lost my balance and come very close to falling to the ground. I have at times resorted to taking my shoes just so I don't fall.

That is unaceptable, unsafe and uncool.

If I do fall and injury myself can I sue?


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