Smallest, Simplest, Straight Forward Little Question - Julia Gillard

Dear Prime Minister - Julia Gillard.

This letter is open and public.

I am going to repeat - you must be beginning to understand - when a paid official behaves in an unacceptable manner there is no solution or remedy available to the victims of such behvaiour. None. Don't say there is as this email chain is proof it cannot be dealt with in an open, public forum. This is not a JOKE Julia Gillard.

Dianne Thorley Lord Mayor of Toowoomba City Council did decide a family could not renovate their family home because "It's a pig's ear that can't be made into a silk purse".

I again ask you to please describe to me the category of the Toowoomba City Town plan that outlines this? This is not a difficult question. It is not hard to understand or to answer. This question has hospitalized a person as the mental conundrum of the simplicity of the question and the inability to receive a raional reply to this simplest of questions is beyond this human's understanding.

Please do not pretend it did not happen. You must stop being in denial over this unacceptable behaviour.

Back and forwards to relevant authorities. Ask asking asking this simplest of questions. Being forwarded recommended round and round and round and round.

Please everyone can really see it is a simple honest straight forward question about the behaviour of a paid official. It should not be this hard. Why is it so hard to answer this simplest of questions.

Five architects, local, state federal politicians, ombudsmen, judges, organisations (untrained, unqualified, inexperienced, unregistered to practice), premiers, prime ministers.
Can't answer the simplest of posed questions.

Please supply me with the name and adddress of another family so treated in Australia please that I may talk to them?

This is new ground we are breaking here Julia Gillard. This new town planning process involving pig's ears and silk purses is new unchartered territory. People need to know how this works Julia Gillard. Your supposed to be in charge as leading politician.

Its clear its new territory as there is no map. No process of remedy. No timetable of remedy. Just pass the buck to the other party. Deny deny deny.

This is not a JOKE Julia Gillard.

Terry Hendicott


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