STOP Off-Leash Dog Facility at Crestwood Reserve Baulkham Hills

Why are our elected representatives ignoring our wishes? The Hills Shire Council is proceeding with an Off Leash Dog Facility in Crestwood Reserve despite residents opposition and the tabling of a petition against it containing 1035 signatures of local Crestwood residents and users of the reserve, dog owners included.
Today I visited Connie Lowe Reserve at Rouse Hill (referred to by some locals as the dog poo park) and I was horrified. I walked right around just outside the enclosure fence and have photographs of 30 separate deposits of dog faeces left on the ground by irresponsible dog owners. Nearly all of them were within 1 metre of the fence, 2 were just outside and one was in a paved, childrens play area. There is no telling how many more are further into the oval than I was prepared to venture! I also witnessed 2 dogs off leash outside the enclosure and 1 dog owner with their back turned makinga phone call. How could they be in full control of their dogs as the law requires?
Does council have no concern for public health?
Why does council not address these matters?
Later I visited Coolong Reserve Off-Leash Dog enclosure in Castle Hill. Again I was horrified but this time at the degradation of the site. The facility has a huge bare patch in the centre with little or no grass while the remainder of the reserve has lush grassed areas. The bare area was quite muddy with all the rain we have experienced and I’m sure it would be a dust bowl in dry weather. And there was another owner with back turned on their phone. Why does council not address this?
Council says the facilities already in existence are working well. My visits today prove this is not the case.
Councils’ environmental assessment of the Crestwood Reserve project states that it is not likely to significantly affect the environment. WRONG!
Large and concentrated deposits of dog faeces will contaminate the area and the runoff will go straight into our waterways, running towards picnic areas and playgrounds in the reserve and eventually into the Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour. Not to mention the fact that a number of native trees have already been cut down at Crestwood for this facility.
This is yet another case of Hills Shire Council wasting rate payers’ money on projects we don’t want. And the rush is on to get it done before 30th June.
Don’t let this happen to Crestwood Reserve!!!
For more information and to sign our on-line petition, go to:


When will the community come down on these dog owners who dont pick up.
Some on the Woollahra link had a great idea.
Fine them or make them do community service picking up litter and dog crap.They must wear a bib.

Great idea and will save councils a fortune.

Yes, i think we will need to rename Crestwood as Crapwood in the all to near future. I think that the Hills Shire Council has turned into a council-tatorship, where residents are ignored, advisary groups like 355 committee are ignored and councilors who dare support the people who elected them ignored over ruled by councillors and a Mayor who are out of area, and will not be affected by shoddy implemented and maintained policies like the Crestwood dog off leash enclosure at Crestwood.

Thanks for posting this

You have to wonder why this enclosure is being rushed through??? It is clear the Crestwood community and elected councillors in the Crestwood ward don't want it... well the answer is clear, let's put the dog enclosure in their ward!! Everyone happy...

I walk daily down the park and there is always dog poo on the paths...this will only increase with more dog owners taking their dogs to the new facility. Let's get a campaign going if these councillors want it then they should inspect the park daily and clean it up themselves. If they are so confident that dog owners will not let their dogs poo they will have nothing to worry about.

Its Great that Woollahra has been looking at the issue of Dog droppings.
Maybe when they put the new policies in place your council could copy them.

The park is all finished now and it's great! Thankyou to the Baulkham Hills Council for building it!

Agree an excellent idea for dogs to enjoy with their owners. If you don't like it stay away!!!! I have been living here for 48 years and congratulations to the Shire for being innovative.

It is great, when you can drive away from it and leave we local residents with the poo and flies and the degraded ground cover and dangerously poluted creek.

When will you self centred people come to realise that the world is bigger than your ill conceived sense of superiority. Diversity is the foundation of modern Australian society and this includes personal lifestyle choice.

I suppose you were all horrified when mothers were not allowed to breastfeed in public because that was a worthy cause as you were/are all mothers. Your decision not to own a dog should not affect my rights as one who does.

There is no law against owning a dog. There is a mountain of research supporting the benefit to children who own a dog.

Get over yourselves and find a useful cause to support - like AIDS in Africa or how about homelesness in Sydney.

Get a life!

Couldn't agree more! Nothing than a group of misinformed NIMBY'S (not-in-my-backyard).

Grab a neighbours dog, come down to the off leash park and chill out!

Or better still grab a neighbour’s dog and all the dogs from the off leash facility and put them in your back yard.

We’ll see then how you cope with NIMBY.

Mate you're a typical dog owning f***wit. Chill out?? With disgusting dogs?? Go ahead.

Thank you for your comments and I can see quite clearly from them that you are an expert on the ill conceived.
Can I just ask: Do you understand the definition of “ill conceived”?
As for your assertion of our self centered superiority: I’m not sure why you consider people to be superior if they do not wish to have dog droppings in a public reserve. Perhaps you can explain yourself a little better.
To look at it from the opposite perspective do you believe yourself and/or dog owners to be inferior? I can’t see any other reason you would have raised this.
Diversity – I agree with your comment here but again I’m not sure why you raised it. My lifestyle choice is to have a clean environment not fowled by irresponsible dog owners imposing their lifestyle choices on others when they don’t clean up after their dogs. The lifestyle decisions of dog owners should not affect my right to a clean healthy environment.
Now getting back to the ill conceived – how did mothers breastfeeding in public get into this issue????? Your mind really wanders!
Please provide the factual information you used to back your comment “you were/are all mothers”. The fact is that the local residents opposing this off-leash dog facility are a mix of male and female (last I heard there are very few breastfeeding, male mothers on the planet) and a large number of them are dog owners. You really should get your facts right if you are going to accuse others of ill conceived statements.
You are correct in your statement that “There is no law against owning a dog” and we appreciate the benefits to dog owners but dog ownership is not the issue. Perhaps you need to read the Council Gripe again so you fully understand the issues we raised.
You started by talking about personal lifestyle choices and ended by taking it upon yourself to tell others they should “find a useful cause to support - like AIDS in Africa or how about homelesness in Sydney”. What happened to OUR personal lifestyle choices here? Why are you taking it upon yourself to tell others what to do?
Just for the record and to confirm your credentials on these matters I have two questions for you:
1 What are you doing to assist those with AIDS in Africa?

2 How many of Sydney’s homeless do you house each night?
Perhaps once you’ve solved the problems of the world you might return to a local environment devoid of native flora and fauna and contaminated by too much dog poo.
I hope not!

You mean to say that you wrote all of that and still didn't seem to make a point?

I think that the simple facts are this:

* It's far safer to have a fenced off leash area for dogs than to have the whole park designated 'off leash' as it was (and still is for another few days)

* People are far more likely to pick up poo in this area with bags/bins etc provided. Given that a small percentage of people will never do the right thing but hey thats in all areas of life.

* Run off from the park (even if it was contaminated with all the poo you allege will be there) won't end up in our drinking water as some ill informed protester tried to say. Last time I checked the creek ran into Parramatta River not either of our dams. I somehow doubt the park will have an impact on the river in comparison to the chemical giants that are perched on its banks down the road.

* No one has ever made a whinge about 'Cumberland Woodplain' before. I mean, what is it? I don't see you lot stroming the cricket pitch or footy oval bemoaning the loss of 'Cumberland Woodplain'.

* The reserve is big enough for all people who like all types of activities. Who are you to say that people can have tennis courts and a skateboard park - but not a dog park.

* As per the council assessment is was the most suitable place in the shire for it. Not only is there ample parking and amenities but with all these other activities in the park already it's an ideal addition. Walk the dog, meet people, etc while other family members play tennis, footy, etc...

* All the scary talk of dogs attacking each other has failed to eventuate. Sure everyone knows a story of 'The other day at Coolong dog park a big dog killed..." and the other one "The vet bills were $ and no one agreed to pay". As above, there will always be isolated incidents where dogs attack dogs (or people) but they are just that, isolated incidents. It's certainly far less than people attacking people or crashing into people. Does that stop you going out or driving a motor car on a roadway? I think not. There is risk in everything we do and to emphasise such a minor risk is to expose the fact that there is very little wrong with the dog park.

* C'mon down and have a go - you may like it....

1&6.) Is it safer? Are people using the facility truely aware of the vulneralbe postition that they place their dogs and themselves in? We don't think so. Pack mentality of dogs when you group them together makes them behave different. The majority of the time this is delightful but at crucial times, without warning this can be far worse. And from those who hhave contacted us, the effect on those who have experienced these incidents is deeply shocking. As shown by reports from vets injury rates are significantly higher. Why do you dismiss the vets reporting of large number of damaged dogs? The vet clinics put their names to reports, in what way are the reports unsubstantiated? Protesters wanted the park on leash.

2. Poo is always found in the area when I go there. It is much easier for even the most diligent owner to miss their dog deficating as the dogs are free roaming in a large area, and unless you follow your mut around, with bag in hand - poo pops are easy to miss.

Also The small percentage of people not picking up their poo are now all in a concentrated area, not spread thru the park, so now we living nearby, who had original complaints blatently ignored, and later major community uproar ignored have to deal with this. Also the run off polution is more concentrated and directed to very sensitive park areas - see below.
3.Yes run-off from the area doesn't go to drinking water - the person claiming this is a resident, not an expert. But it does run down and accumulate near the back of the kids play area and a crossing frequently used by kids. The creeks are already heavily poluted, but the residual Ecoli is likely to increase the risk to kids. You seem not ta care for the wild life much in the area, but the consequences for the river monitors, ducks, possums and other birds is significant according to local park wildlife groups. The little bilby disturbed by the construction of the park was found ripped to shreads only a month after the enclosure was constructed.

4.THe reason for the focus on the "cumberland woodland" is two fold. A) It is a protected area, very much known and a concern of local bush groups. The state gov has made efforts to try and protect it. THis was not alluded to in any environmental report B)The top soil is very thin and poor. Experts told us that it would not support vegetaion strong enough to deal with the high usage of a dog enclosure, that the clay under it would not absorb the poo and urine readily, and most of this would run off. Again not included in any consideration in the site.

5. Is the reserve big enough? On a busy week end the reserve is saturated with people and cars. Why not use one of the multitude of under utilised reserves in Crestwood? And what of the inappropriate criteria used to select Crestwood Reserve for the dog off leashenclosure. We feel we even significant reasons to complain here. See below.

6) The criteria missed major issues with dog parks. On all our research by far most people drive or walk straight to the park let their dog run and then return home. They do not use nearby facilities. Facilities near the park are not required or at should have held the least a low priority. People park their cars next to the enclosure and rarely park in the distant reserve car parks. So in effect the enclosure itself has not got off-street parking. The football/ Tennis courst do, as do the guide hall and the netball courts, but not the enclosure. People park near the enclosure and in front of the houses of local protesting residents. The issue of strong enough ground cover, run-off and proximity to neighbours was not part of the criteria. And never properly addressed by council or councillors

There can be no doubt that the process by which council chose the area was inapporpriate, conceited and complaints were made to ICAC. It is errected and whilst it is enjoyed by a number of people (as expected). Local residents and the reserve environment have to live with the consequences of its poor situation, and have their area degraded by the nearly impossible task of its up keep.

Maybe the $120,000 spent on building the dog park could of been donated to the homeless or aids in Africa!

Agree. see the happy children run with their dogs laughing not standing on the side tut tutting like the nah sayers. Stay at home and watch the box if you don't like living.........

The enclosure is not meant to have kids in it. Happy kids until some jerk suddenly rocks up with an anti social dog off leash. Only a few seconds and the story unfortunately changes. Sorry to tut tut on your own lack of concern for the safety of your kids

Your decision to own a dog should not in any way impact on others. e.g. dog poo, off leash in public, barking etc. Maybe you can get a life and ditch that disgusting, filthy, smelly animal you call a dog you twat.


I have lived in this area for 10 years and like many busy people never got the chance to meet other residents - that was until I got a dog!

People who once walked straight past you suddenly catch your eye and have a chat.

Dog parks are full of fantastic, down to earth, community-minded people who instantly become your friends. These parks are a great idea and an asset to the community.

At our local park in Rouse Hill people are quick to tell each other if they don't see their dog do a poo and some even pick up after each other's dogs such as someone who might be pregnant and find it hard to bend down or in a wheelchair - people still wanting to do the right thing by their dogs.

There isn't a local park around the Hills which isn't left with rubbish after a soccer match or a family picnic but we don't stop members of the public from using these facilities.

We just have to take the good with the bad and appreciate that the majority of people want to use these facilities to improve their dog's quality of life and be part of a vital community servie.

How does letting a dog run around inside a small enclosure opposed to having it run the whole of the park off- leash equate to improving a dogs quality of life? Last time I looked there were more dogs (and people) exercising around the park than inside the cage!

What about a persons right to walk in a park and not step on dog s**t. No place for dogs in parks. Keep them in your yard. If you want to do a vital community service take a person in a nursing home out for a while and improve their quality of life. You will be one of them one day and maybe someone will come and take you out. Dog owners suck.

Thats true - you should see what the footy crowds leave behind at Crestwood. Not to mention the fact that they drive ONTO the reserve and park wherever they please. Still - we don't hassle them. As you said, take the good with the bad...

So you are upset with the footy crowds.Why else would you bring it up.And what are you trying to say, that because you dont hassle them, take the good with the bad its OK to let you dog crap.
No you dog owners must pick up.
I think that there should be a charge for dog owners each year, to help clear up the mess left behind.
Dont get me wrong I love dogs , but lazy people who let them crap, without picking up, should be made to do a service of cleaning up.That will fix you lot.

That charge is called 'council rates' and yes I pay them.

No, the charge is not there yet, its a new one.Dont you get it, they pay extra Its a bit like the extra we pay for the noise a plane makes.
Great idea eh??
Most people only thing they do wrong when they are caught.So as less and less people pick up , because they see others getting away with it, the mess becomes a bigger mess.

Its not Rocket Science, every body needs to pick up or suffer, so extra the payment.Or strict areas, not hidden away.

Given that the thread is called "Stop the off leash facility" I think it has just about outlived its' use. The off leash facility is there and it's great. There are enough morons pacing along the fence shaking their heads in disgust so why give them another outlet on here to vent. I reckon it's time to lock the thread.

nice one councillor!

Thanks for referring to us as morons. your lack of respect for those living close to this enclosure, and the effect you are having on their local environment is noted. Through such a comment you demonstrate the very reason that we need to protest and contintue to demonstrate our anger.

I'd love to see some pictures of this facility.. has anyone got any?

This is a council that has truley 'gone to the dogs'!

Nice spelling mate....

Come in spiner!

Loving the Dog Park @ Crestwood Reserve!

How is the petition going about the dog park - or have you managed to get a life and stop worrying about the park!

It has been the best thing Baulkham Hills council has created in a long time!

Thats right. Forget about the Putrid toilet blocks or upgrading facilities for the disabled. Spend $120,000 on a dog cage.

So you call this the Off-Leash area "the best thing Baulkham Hills council has created in a long time!".
Take a look at the report of the pit-bull attack at Crestwood on page 5 of the Hills Shire Times Sept 8 2009.
And just read of the arrogance of the pit-bull owner. TYPICAL!!

That’s right create an environment that promotes dog attacks! What a great way to spend the community’s money!

Jeez you are pointing out one bad thing that happened in an off leash area and therefore all off leash areas should be banned?
As always its irresponsible people who ruin it for everyone else as happened with the dog attack. But if we continue your logic then because hundreds of people are injured or killed by cars we should ban them to.
As with all things we need a balanced approach that fairly deals with the needs of all the community otherwise we would end up banning everything.

You obviously do not live near it.

Love the new dog off area. Great community asset. Common sense has prevailed. Well done Council.

Your right about the “dog off area”. There are more dogs walking on leads around the park than in the area. Big white elephant!!

If one dog attack involving an irresponsible owner was enough to close the dog park then the whole of Crestwood Reserve would have been closed ages ago. Think of all the robberies, assaults, and hoons doing burnouts down there especially at night. And as for 'upgrading facilities for the disabled' no way. They have facilities where dog owners didn't. Baisc facilities for all is better than spending a heap on one group at the expense of another. It's just common sense :-)

Interesting to note that this was the only reported dog on dog attack in Crestwood reserve ever (go to website ‘companion animals act’) and it happened inside the cage! I thought that Councils justification for building this thing was to prevent dog fights? Looks like Council are promoting them! Being such a small enclosure there is no escape for small children, owners and their dogs.
Watch out for the next cage fight!

I think you'd probably see more fighting at the council chambers. How about when there was a meeting called to discuss this park and the supporters had to be protected by security because of the way in which the protesters were carrying on. Why wait for a cage fight when there are plenty of anti - dog parkers itching to have a go. What a rabble!

Not all opponents to the dog enclosure were at that meeting and I agree the behaviour that night was appalling. But let’s not use this as a smokescreen to detract from the facts.
At present the enclosure is a $120,000.00 white elephant that the general community did not want. There are more dogs ‘on leash’ walking around Crestwood Reserve than in the enclosure. Most people are smart enough to realise that walking your dog ‘on leash’ around the Reserve is more beneficial than exercising your dog in a small enclosure. Think of the health benefits to dog and owner and allot safer. This is not a dog park but a small fenced off enclosure that increases the risk of dog attacks. Most dog parks in the Sydney Metro are just that, off the leash- dog parks! The Councillors who over ruled on this issue should be held fully accountable. This is a disgraceful, shoddily implemented and maintained policy that hasn’t worked. The community has not and will not forget this one.

What appalling behaviour. I was there??? The mayor who in hindsight employed every attempt not to take note of public outcry commented on our excellent behaviour. The two outcries of frustration were in response to the provoking - contemptuous sneers, looks and comments of of the two young male councillors to us in public gallery, that the Mayor notably did not pull into line.

When you say "The Councillors who over ruled on this issue should be held fully accountable" I couldn't agree more. They should be re-elected and congratulated for providing such a wonderful facility.

As for the claim that there are more dogs out of the facility than in I haven't seen this myself. As a regular user of the dog park I can honestly say that most dogs in the park on a leash are on their way to or from the dog park.

Thanks for your comment councillor!

Why would a councillor be re-elected for showing total disregard for the concerns that the majority of the community had over this issue? Start listening or leave!

No I'm not a councillor and it's clear that they have listened to the majority in this case. Those opposing the park need to realise that they are nothing but a very noisy minority who have quite rightfully lost this battle.

Sorry the statistics don't match. 1000 plus petition, 100s of people taking time to attend a council meeting. not my definition of noisy minority in terms of a local govnmt matter

That’s right. A very noisy minority that will be voting with their feet at the next election!!!!!

Im sad this topic seems to have such a negative response...
Teenagers create more mess and more havoc than a few dog droppings... i always pick up my dogs droppings and I think its sad that there are people out there creating a bad name for all dog owners...
Perhaps the issue really is that no one in society will put their hand up as a volunteer to look after this parks... like a small committee to look after our parks... I for one would join such a committee and have suggested this many times to the other park regulars at my off leash park.
My mother was on a committee to look after our local community (all voluntary mind you) until people like the person who started this crap gripe told her to stick her committee up her ... well you get the idea.
Unless you are willing to be part of the solution - SHUT UP!

Dear Sad
Like most things in society a few selfish, inconsiderate people spoil it for everyone else and dog owners are no different. Congratulations to you for picking up after your dog but if you are so convinced that a small committee to look after parks is the solution why haven't you done it? If you're really genuine you should just start looking after this facility and you might influence others to follow your example rather than just talking about it and criticising others for their inaction.
I, for one, will not join your committee as I don't think I should have to clean up after other peoples' dogs but as a dog owner I think you should try a little harder to educate your dog owning colleagues to do the right thing by society and look after the environment in which we all reside.
I am quite disturbed and saddened by your closing comment. Typical of arrogant dog owners! Ours is a country that allows freedom of speech! Who are you to tell people to shut up? Those who opposed this facility fought extremely hard to achieve a perfect solution which was to prevent its construction.
Looks like it's up to you now to single handedly solve the problem!!!

At last an intelligent pragmatic comment!

Dogs and owner create a mess, not all , then not all drivers speed but we have speed cameras.
Teenagers create a mess, so do dirt drunks leaving pubs.
We have a great country , but its going down hill, and fast watched by lazy councils, who sit back and dont do enoug.
Streets are dirtier now because garbage collectors drop things and dont clean them up, The bins for bottles and paper are left out , the wind blows things out of the bins.
These are all fixable, but it takes ideas and councils to work a little harder.
The last comment you made Ms Sad was a bit hopeless.
Good luck .

with the lazy sods councillors.

I've seen those crazy women protestors at the dog park myself.
The blonde one is clearly insane. The other has good odds. Maybe the money would have been better spent building an enclosure to keep Baulkham Hills' rabid mothers off the street.

Well done council, hopefully sanity will prevail.

$120, 00.00 White Elephant!!!

Well spent council!!!

I'm sure the women mentioned are delighted complimented by being described as crazy by a person with such a level of disrespectful and smutty comment. I would feel sorry for any woman you would describe as rational, intelligent or even clever. We rabid mothers are compiment by such a comment coming from an ignorant person like yourself. Likewise I think the arrogant and ignorant way in which both the council and the majority councillors have fought this battle would match your definition of sanity perfectly.

The Sammes woman is a total nutjob

In what way? Do you know her? What an irresponsible comment. Her body of evidence against the way in which the council dealt with the park is truly outstanding. The process was followed up by many governing bodies. I believe there was many undisclosed stings for our council due to the handling of this issue. The lack of due process was appalling. It is not surprising to me that the council has major issues that you can see throughout our local papers. Though we learnt that local papers leave out most of the damaging to council info that we had. Many councilors were arrogant and in council were rude to us, refusing to abide by their own code of conduct, and refusing to give answers of the most minor kind.

There were other sites for the off leash area looked at, as good as, if not more suitable than Crestwood was. The criteria was obviously designed to favour Crestwood. It stressed facilities, rather that appropriate ground cover, appropriate environment or proximity to residents. There is no car park anywhere near the site, yet the box was ticked. Crestwood off leash park is just in the wrong place. There are so many under used reserves nearby, many with far superior spaces for such a park, more remote to neighbours, strong turf ground cover, no parking issues due to already heavy usage of the park. Even our representative councilors agreed, 2 of them being undermined by their own party.

SO now we have it. It is used and frequently, as expected. The enclosure is a great space for dog owners and their dogs as expected. But, large parts of the grass cover is wrecked, as expected. The poor topsoil and fragile grass in the heavily treed area was never going to sustain the concentrated usage. Council's "global budget" seems unable to deal with the issue as it promised it would. Balls, bowls are being left in the area, which in other areas have led to the easy spread of diseases in dogs in other areas - no info to owners on this. Young kids are regularly seen there, and one of the main reasons for the park enclosure is to protect them from the rogue off leash dog - no age limit. Dog faeces, though not as bad as expected is still left concentrated in the area rather than spread through the park for near by residents to enjoy the flies and stench. We do finally have a number to ring if there is a dog attack but it doesn't state that you have to call within 72 hours, else it will not be put onto their records and it does not stop locals from having to bear with the sickening noise when it does occur. The residents living close to the off-leash park do experience increase in, in traffic and parked cars, dog noise, unleashed dogs; flies, and of course the loss of a natural outlook. Over time Ecoli will be a building major issue of the enclosure to and the natural wildlife, let alone the kids and pets that do touch the waterways at the back of the playground down stream are now at much greater risk.

There is still the issue of Dog clubs using the area. I of course respect and love the people that run these clubs. But I don't want them coming to Crestwood. When our long awaited rail does come, there is a major chance that like before, their home grounds will be under threat. But unlike before they will have a $110 000 plus fenced area ground as a home at Crestwood, with local regulations (changed months after the last plans for the rail, and their subsequent petition to council - with a number of councilors being associated to the clubs at the time) now allowing them to share the nearby ovals with people (largely kids) for training, and shows. The State government leases the show ground to our council, the lease is up in 2011 - 14.

Is council preparing for this? They could never tell us where the dog clubs would go. The club representatives kindly helped plan the Crestwood site and their suggestions were good. What will happen if the state government does resume the depot land at the show ground and council moves it depot to the dog club home ground and shed? Our excellent dog clubs hold some of the biggest competitions in the state. Who will do the dog dung pick ups on our oval? Their events barely fit onto the show ground as is (by their own admission), where is a site with enough ovals closely situated (like Crestwood) to handle this? How many soccer players / fitness people, will be kicked off the ovals. How many people will get sick from the increased residual ecoli lying actively on the ground when this happens?

The high concentration of residual ecoli is causing such areas in the USA to be closed down.

Well, keep enjoying the park. But know that we hear most of the dog yelps and get most of the flies grown in the pooh you missed as you turned your head for a second. If possible please gag your dog as it gets attacked because we feel sickened to hear it, knowing that you would put your dog at such risk. Please put your dog back on a leash when you leave the ground, so ours don't kill yours or yours attack ours. Please tell those who can't control their dogs adequately to leave the area, because we hate to here the dog attacks that then occur. Please don't take your young kids in there, the enclosure was meant to separate them from off leash dogs (told this on many occasions, by council officers and elected reps) we don't want to experience the trauma with you when you race up to our home for help with a child whose face has been ripped off. Please complain to council about the poor state of the grass, your dog helped to ruin our area. And no, most people living near it don't want it there, so stop trying to tell us that we are a minority in the area. You are pretty much despised as we walk past.

We got a live one here.

Mate short blondes, mate much better odds. But mate, the tall blonde - no mate, check her husband out much crazier and sexier....

back to your caves you simple minded neanderthals

Those comments are slanderous and libellous and have been noted.

Mate, it sounds like you’re the Neanderthal! In fact I don’t think you’re the full quid!

Noted on an Anonymous post. How exactly does one do that?

I would like to make a complaint about the standard of the Health and Building inspector work at Walcha Council.

Two years ago he made a mistake in interpretation of the Noise Act in recommending the passage of a commercial development.
As a result the development was passed resulting in excessive noise being experienced by the neighbours..
Even though the council now acknowledges that a mistake was made by the Health and Building Inspector they say that as the development has been passed nothing can be done
The excessive noise is still being experienced

Have you seen the state of the dog cage lately? Depressing!

I use this dog park at least once a week, and my little pug Lulu is now well known. As she is an "only child" so to speak, I love that she is given an opportunity to play with other dogs there. I arrived earlier then the afternoon dog group, and decided to wander along the fence line while I waited. I must have seen at least 20 feces in varying stages of decomposition. I was appalled and angry! Whenever my dog poops, I ALWAYS scoop! I have been known to spend 20 minutes searching in rapidly disappearing light to find the mess. I don't care how long it takes, and if I still can't find it (very rare), I come back the next day. I once saw an elderly lady bring in 3 dogs, and while she saw the first dog and cleaned up, she missed the other two. After she left I cleaned up the mess. I am hoping to return on the weekend armed with a bucket, a biodegradable bag, and a garden trowel.
Despite this, it is a good park, but more planning should have been done first. There is no concrete areas, no taps (although there are water dishes provided), and no lights are provided. As I work nearly every day and don't finish till after dark, I can only visit on my days off. Some lights (at least till 9 or 10) would be great, and the park is located far enough from the houses to allow this. As for noise pollution, I have a friend who lives directly opposite it, and she has had no probs in that regard.

Oh forgot to mention....a few people have mentioned the noise it creates of people coming and going? Fair point, however the public school located almost across the street means that twice a day there are dozens of cars parked along that road anyway. So unfortunately that noise would still be there anyway, dog park or not. :)

The council have already wasted $120,000 of tax payer’s money on this ‘Dog Cage’ monstrosity! How much more do you want them to sink into it! It’s a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All to do with policy on companion animals act etc. Another example of political correctness gone stark raving mad.

Yeah I agree with what you're saying. Perhaps they could charge ppl to use it to help recoup the money? you could pay a yearly fee and recieve a unique pin number to gain access to the grounds, like they do at caravan parks with private beaches. As a dog owner whose dog has been snapped at by other dogs (outside the park) I would happily pay for peace of mind. Plus you can bet if ppl are handing over money, they'll be quick to give the irresponsible owners a peice of their mind!

Sadly we can't choose where our tax dollars go.....

Unfortunately these irresponsible dog owners are inside and outside the cage!

The council had promised to maintain the dog park and this clearly hasn’t happened! The area looks like a disaster. They promised to replace the turf when it was required. There’s hardly a blade of grass left in the whole area! To walk past and look at this mess is depressing. $120,000.00 failure! Thanks council.

Came across this site in error as I was looking for other dog parks in the area. Don't know what all the fuss is about. The park at Crestwood is great! I dare say it is now there to stay so it might be time to muzzle the whingers and lock this thread?

$120,000.00? That's a very expensive muzzle!!!

Yeah but it's worth every cent coz we love our park!
When will you people realise it's over. No need to be such sore losers. The dog park is here and it ain't going anywhere. Now we have the park and we have your antics as entertainment. Think I might need an ipad so I can enjoy the dog park and laugh at your latest whinge at the same time ;-)

This is the type of irresponsible person we are up against. Totally oblivious to their surroundings! Why don’t you just drop the dog off to the park while you do the shopping? Or maybe your dog could drive up there and let itself into the cage!

Um which part of the previous posters comment is irresponsible? Sure it sounded like they were having a joke but is reading while in the dog park irresponsible? Who are you to dictate which activities can and cannot be enjoyed at the same time?

While I am neither here nor there about the dog park I am shocked to hear the attitudes of those against it. Calling it a cage when it's a park, stories of yelping bleeding animals, carnage on a grand scale, waterways choked with droppings, etc really is drama on a grand scale. I think that it is a shame that you could not argue the issue in a more practical and informed way. If you had examples or references to support those emotive claims maybe your points would be taken more seriously.

The only catalyst for me finally posting is the suggestion that you are in a position to tell people what is and isn't a responsible activity. If you can hear me from way up there on that high horse I'd like you to know that unsupported drama and abusing anyone with a differing opinion does very little to advance your argument.

But then, thats only my opinion, and as it is different to yours I expect to be abused....

Cage (noun)
Cage [ kayi ] (cages)
1. Metal enclosure for animal / An enclosure usually made from bars or wire, in which to keep animals or birds.
A wire-mesh structure used to protect or enclose something.


Yes agreed, you're right indeed and I am wrong. Now will you address the rest of my post please?

Informed way
Interesting to note that there has only been one reported dog on dog attack in Crestwood reserve ever (go to website ‘companion animals act’) and it happened inside the cage!

Practical way
Happy happy joy until some irresponsible dog owner turns up with an anti social dog off leash. Only a few seconds and the story unfortunately changes. Sorry to tut tut on your own lack of concern for the safety of others.

Could you please provide the details of the stories that have been told of yelping bleeding animals and carnage on a grand scale? I would love to see the examples and references to support this statement! Or are you just making this up to belittle others with difference of opinion?

Another failed government policy and complete waist of tax payers money! As reported in the daily telegraph last week a higher incidents of dog attacks in the last three years, and guess what? most of them reported in caged dog parks!

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