Strathbogie Shire Zero support and a massive debt

I cant believe how little the strathbogie shire does for the area. They are absolutely negative support for people in the community who want to do things and instead of providing money to do things to improve the community they employ people in job titles which are completely unnecessary and just further themselves into financial strain.
They bend over backwards for the horse industry who they think will get them out of the woods financially while neglecting anyone else who can not offer them money or connections in return.

I literally think the shire would be better off without all of the paid staff and instead using their salaries to support local programs and clubs.

I wish John Brumby would read this and audit the whole shire and see how little they support anyone but the footy and netball and horse industry or anyone who is not friends or relatives of the people with the power.

Worst. Shire. Ever.


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