Sydney transfer and Recycling Disgrace

Since prior to Christmas, a large amount of refuse has been left to rot outside the Sydney Transfer and Recycling Station, 5 A Canal Road St Peters.

I remember a few years ago, when this operation's lease was up, we received a glossy brochure saying how environmentally friendly they are and how well managed the site would be. They have heavy equipment that could tidy up this refuse in half an hour. It is clearly visible on a road used by international visitors to Sydney - hundreds of people daily see this mess as one of their first impressions of our wonderful city.

The Station should be fined at least, closed down at best, and the refuse should be removed as and when it is dumped.


The worst council is Sydney by far - full of admin, glossary brochures and smart "spin" - but if you want the garbage cleaned up, the dogs kept under control and basics done - then forget it!
You watch the next reply will be from the media officer going on and on and on..................

all councils are pretty hopeless.
I mean they lose money by poor investments and then wan to put rates up to cover their bad decisions.What sort of world is this , do we tell them how to invest, they stuffed up they should do without or resign as a council.Plently of other people are will ing to take their places.

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