Town of Victoria Park

The WA local government is one of the most inept and lazy that I have ever come across. Its staffed with incompetent career bureaucrats, some of which have been their over 10 years.

They have a reputation for being absolute halfwits ...theres a local expression here - that "town of vic park are too stupid to be corrupt"...That says a lot and their getting worse.

They keep raising the rates every year but cant even keep the streets clean. The area resembles a slum. Victoria Park is a trash town mostly full of inbreds and greedy landlords AKA slumlords. Well worth a look if your ever visiting WA, just remember to keep driving dosn't stop

An recent example of the stupidity of these morons that actually made the local press was spending $35,000 on one rubbish bin (yes you read that right its no a miss print) for some politcally correct left wing street art bullshit. Thats what these people do with ratepayers money.

You have to see this stuff to believe it....will be posting some interesting photos soon.

would encorrage other people who have lived in the town or been unfortunate enough to visit it to contribute.

Worst council in Australia.


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