'Train' Park

The 'Train' Park is what my 2 yo calls the beautifully re-done kids playground cnr Newland and Eberly Sts, Bondi Junction. This playground is truly brilliant and such a popular place.

However, I was always concerned re how long it would take the brainless graffiti brigade to mark it and for druggies to shoot up there and leave needles. Surprisingly it took at least a month for the first grafitti to appear. But Fri night 20th Nov a lot of grafitti occurred and the council guys found needles, so it was closed for a day. God knows how they have ascertained there are no needles in the chipped bark.

ANYWAY, the the issue is the grafitti needs to be cleaned off asap. I shall try to work out the most efficient way to get a message to the council. But if it turns out the Council won't respond within 48 hrs or so I might try and do it myself. The only way to shut these idiots down (grafitti bogans) is to remove it straight up.

But well done on the park. Let's see if we can prevent it from deteriorating.


Am happy to report that the graffiti was removed within a few days of it being reported. Well done graffiti team. What a great service. Pity we need it but we do!

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