Trees are for people

City of Sydney Council obviously thinks that trees are just decorations. Whilst it is commendable to see more trees planted in the streets, you have to go to Centennial Park to sit in shade. Here in CBD and around its just the awful mulch. This practice is also not used in Canberra which receives much less rainfall. Does Sydney Council employ mulchoholics?


The City of Sydney is committed to expanding green spaces through an active greening program including street tree planting, park tree management plans, public domain landscaping and the popular Living Colour program. The City also implements industry best practice maintenance programmes for all its trees and parks.

The City planted 777 new street trees last year, and has planted a further 5,000 trees over the past 5 years. These trees have been added to the 28,500 street trees on top of our trees managed by the City of Sydney.

Mulching around tree bases is important for a number of reasons – it helps retain important soil moisture, reduces weeds and soil compaction, and ensures that trees don't have to compete with grass and weeds for moisture and nutrients. Mulch is also an important source of organic matter and nutrients for trees growing in the City's parks and streets.

The City generates much of its mulch from tree maintenance operations and is an important element of our recycling and sustainability activities in managing the urban landscape.

City of Sydney

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