Unfaired and heavy Parking Fine

I parked my car on Middle Street between Meeks Lane and Harbour Road for 10-15 minutes as I didn't see any signs there saying no parking or no standing. It was a perfect parking spot, it does not affecting any vehicle in turning and it is a very wide road. I already left plenty of room behind my car (more that 1 big car space) before the small Meek lane intersection. I didn't know I need to leave 10 meters for that.

And I was surprsed to get the parking ticket, because the fine is so heavy???!!! If it is so wrong, why the council not put a sign there to warm people?


i received a parking infringment (no stopping 4-6pm) in belmore rd randwick ,but the location on the notice placed me in an area of belmore rd where i had not stopped.is it legally binding to issue a notice that is incorrect.should i opt for the court option to determine this matter

I don't understand why these fines could be so high like $200+ for parking exceeding the limit or $500 for parking at Disable parking without Disable permit???? These fines are heavier than traffic offenses!!! You can easily figure out that these moneys have contributed to these people's salary to feed their fat asses!!!

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