Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Logging Trucks V School Buses

Upper Lachlan Shire Council have received a development application to run logging trucks along a very narrow rural gravel road, which is also a designated school bus route. This road is so narrow, that ordinary vehicles have to pull off the road or stop to let the school bus pass. It is only around 4.5 metres wide with minimal places to pass. There are four 90 degree bends, where vision is about zero, as the verges are remnant native vegetation.

So what do you think Council staff have recommended? Council have recommended the development be approved - so if councillors agree, we will have a situation where a non-resident developer runs logging trucks along a narrow bush road with local residents children in the school bus trying to get to school. Lets hope the lady knows how to use reverse gear, as I know which vehicle will be doing the reversing. And where will she reverse to? Who knows, the road is not even wide enough for for two vehicles, let alone logging trucks!

If the school bus makes it through without any problems, there are always farmer's stock trucks to deal with next, not to mention the mums and pensioners just going to town to do their shopping. So I guess Council know what they are doing, putting people's lives at risk by passing a development which is not conducive to the amenity of the local area.

Don't Council owe the local residents a 'duty of care' to show 'due diligence' in recommending to approve such a development? What happens if someone's child is injured? Surely common sense says that the risk of an accident is greatly increased by putting logging trucks down a narrow rural bush 'track' used by mums and school buses?


Well ULSC passed the DA in their 'wisdom', so now all I can say is, I hope that all you mums and school kids make sure your seat belt is on right....as I saw a logging truck come in right around scool bus time...well done ULSC!

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