Waiting Weeks for Construction Approval by Warringah Council

We have been waiting 18 weeks now for Warringah Council to approve start of construction of a deck not more than 50 squares at the back of our property.

Despite phone calls to them every week and messages left we never get a call back. Only last week did we get to speak to someone who said they would look at our application & get back to us in a couple of days. They have all the plans & certificates needed as Warringah Councuil have said so.

We feel they are dragging their feet deliberately not approving the application to construct. What can we do to get them to approve the application so construction can start. We first approached the council back in early December which started the ball rolloing and we're now at the point they've had everything they need to approve the construction for 18 weeks. 18 weeks is rediculous for a simple deck.


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