Warringah Council up to it's Old Tricks

I was amazed but not shocked to find a penalty notice on my car parked on MY driveway by rangers from WARRINGAH COUNCIL. This was despite numerous cars being parked illegally in the direct vicinity due to it being near a school leaving me no where on the street to park. This is a regular occurrence by the way.

As a 15 x year rate payer to this council a simple knock on my door to alert me of the issue would have been common courtesy but no far better, and more lucrative, to just issue the fine.

To add insult to injury when I called their Customer Disservice Section to clarify the issue I was abruptly told 'We own your driveway so we can do it and there's no one here you can talk to. Try the Office of State Revenue.' Nice.

And I had to laugh when I saw that Warringah Council aren't registered to view this site's posts. What a shock!!!! We are talking about the same council that was SACKED in recent times....YES SACKED. Things obviously haven't changed...

See you in court.


Question - How do you expect that Officer to know that it was your car if as you say the street was full. Do you have your address written somewhere on the car ? Council is right. You own from your boundary, anything past your boundary is council property so yes you illegally parked.
Technically once a ticket is written / issued, Council themselves cant cancel it without a request through OSR. Only OSR can cancel a ticket.

Mr Pro Council Anonymous,

In answer to your bizarre question: Perhaps knock on a long term rate payer's front door. But yes that would require speaking to a human being.

And if anything past my boundary is Council owned why don't they maintain the nature strip?

You're probably a frustrated Police Officer wannabe (Council Ranger) as well so I see where you're point of view comes from.

Settle down big boy, I state again, how on earth do you expect someone to know that one car in, as you stated, a very busy street is owned by a particular resident. They dont have access to an RTA database. All cars parked out the front of a property doesnt mean that they belong to that owner now do they. So that was my point which I think you didnt quite understand.

Mowing council lawns has always been an unwritten rule that the adjacent property owner maintains it. However, if you wish to contact any council and tell them that you will not be maintaining it anymore then technically they will have to. A lot of councils already maintain that area of elderly residents. Like me im sure you mow it more times that council would so that is why we all do it.

As for a frustrated wannabe police officer or ranger...... no i am not. I have however, never been booked for parking illegally, something we dont have in common. If you beleive you are in the right go ahead and appeal it in court and make sure you let us all know how you go.

Anonymous Pro Council Revenue Raising Guy,

'How on earth' do I expect someone to know it's my car on my driveway?? Wow! Let me think about that one for a while......you're problem solving skills are outstanding.
Your limited abilities in the area of logic explain why you are the kind of guy that trawls a site like this commenting on 'gripes' posted by people with cause to do so. Perhaps you need to get somewhat of a life my friend.

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