What about a cafe in Steyne Park?

I contacted the council about establishing a cafe in Steyne Park (Double Bay) fronting the bay/park back in 2005.
A council officer stated that they were looking into the idea and a tender for lease etc. would be forthcoming, that was four years ago!
As seen in Rushcutters Bay Park a cafe in Steyne Park would provide users and ferry commuters a much needed facility.


Yes but don't make it a horrible self-service kiosk with plastic chairs, like the one in Rushcutters Bay Park. I live on the park & I never go there. It's a far cry from Jardins Tuilleries in Paris. Is one hard-working waiter too much to ask in Sydney cafes???!!! Self-service cafes are like McDonalds.

When it comes to cafes and kiosks that are leased by council there is nothing but heartache. Even though these cafes are there for the community , council don't care , all you have to do look at the way they treat the encumbants that run these businesses. Woollahra council been totally unhelpful when it comes to park cafes especially parsley bay. They also tried to force the people from tea gardens out and the same at cooper park. There is definitely something fishy going on at council when it comes to these matters.

Yes, it would be a refreshing addition to the park (pardon the pun). It is important to make asthetics a priority when building these facilities. As to the selection of who to run the kiosk, Council processes need to be throughly transparent.

I would be happy to take this up but I am not sure where we should put it and the type of cafe.

I put up a motion to introduce a coffee cart near the rose bay ferry wharf and a report is coming back.

Before i do anything I would be interested in what people would want.



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